55 times the pesticide dose allowed in some vegan foods

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“They have conquered the plates of boosters in search of well-being, more sensitive to marketing than scientific evidence.” Mia, in her thirties, eats chia seeds and spirulina, because these products are “supposed to help clean up the liver and strengthen the immune system. “[…] Anthony, 27, regularly eats acai berries, a kind of blueberries from South America, whose vitalising side has been sold to him. […] For her part, Julie consumes chia seeds to make up for the lack of protein in her diet.

[…] On the Internet are blooming Top 10 foods that preserve old age or disease. One of them even presents green tea as a potential treatment for cancer. A false claim and contrary to European law which, since 2006, requires the validation of any message lending to a food “particular beneficial nutritional properties”. “If it is not done, it is fraud,” warns the scientist of ANSES, Irene Margaritis. […] “In smokers, over consumption of spirulina, a superfood particularly loaded with beta carotene, also increases the risk of lung cancer”

[…] In 2016, the Dutch food safety authority examined 30 samples of these berries presented as miraculous, used in traditional Chinese medicine, and whose consumption is booming in Europe. “Among these samples, 11 came from China, 1 from the United Kingdom (which is impossible because they do not produce it) and 18 were of unknown origin, therefore untraceable.”

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