Avocado, the most popular fruit of vegetarians

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“Carbon balance, water consumption, hormones … In a survey, the” Zeit “reveals the ecological disaster caused by the production of the most popular fruit of vegetarians and foodistas. On average in the world, it takes 180 liters of water to grow a kilo of tomatoes and 130 for a kilo of salad. For a kilo of lawyers, it takes … 1,000. That’s 1,000 liters for two and a half lawyers.

And it’s not over. Once ready – but not yet ripe – the lawyers leave their country […] and then are loaded on a cargo ship, direction Rotterdam. The crossing lasts twenty-six days. The avocados are kept at 6 ° C in an air-conditioned container so as not to ripen right away. Moisture content, CO2 concentration: everything is controlled to the millimeter. It is an understatement to say that transportation is highly energy-intensive. In addition, each lawyer travels carefully protected in a packaging so as not to spoil himself, which only worsens his energy balance … “

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